Consat is a world leader offering innovative products and engineering services in the Automotive, Industrial Technologies, Information Technology, Energy, Life Science and ITS for Public Transportation industries.

We are unique in our ability to provide technical solutions and implement cross-functional projects and assignments with great width and depth.

Our strong market position has been earned through our years of industry specific experience and highly competent and creative employees.


Briefly About Consat

Consat was founded in 1986 and is one of the leading engineering companies in Sweden. An increase in demand for our products and services has driven multiple years of sustained growth.

The company is privately held and organized into the following subsidiaries: Consat Engineering AB (industrial engineering, electronics and systems development), Consat Telematics AB (ITS systems for public transportation), Consat Data AB (network and systems maintenance) and Consat Sustainable Energy Systems AB (energy efficiency projects for commercial properties).

We work with a long term view and close relationship with our customers, either on location at the customer site or in one of our offices. The focus of our work is to create customer value.

A Word from Our CEO

Consat is unique in terms of the number of challenging and exciting development projects we are involved in compared to our size.

For more than 30 years, we have been driven to deliver value to our customers based on our genuine passion for technology and proactive approach.

It is essential for us to create long term relationships based on mutual trust. We know our strengths as well as areas we need to collaborate with others to be successful. Consat is known for our ability to deliver advanced and complex projects in close cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers.

Our ambition is to continue to grow organically based on the increased demand for our services and products. As long as there are customers with difficult problems to solve, there will be a need for Consat!

Employees are our key assets and it is equally important for us to grow as an attractive employer. Our employees should have the opportunity to develop through challenging assignments and projects in a community characterized by engagement, enthusiasm and passion.

Martin Wahlgren
CEO Consat AB
Core Values

Our business is based on the competency of our employees and our long-term relationship with customers and partners.

Consat is a company which maintains an entrepreneurial spirit and a short decision-making chain. We hire employees who are drivers, who like to engage, and who have a passion for technology.

As an employee, it is important to feel safe, enjoy work, be stimulated and develop with each assignment. This shall be accomplished by technically interesting tasks and activities inside and outside of the office to create close ties between colleagues. The individual development and harmony has a direct impact on the continued success of the company. A diverse, multi-cultural work force and gender balance is positive and helps our business develop.

Our customers shall be leaders in their respective areas, have a strong financial base and management who understand that product and process development is essential to achieve long term success.

Our core values are based on:

  • A long-term view
  • Competency
  • Engagement
  • Ability to innovate
  • Cooperation

The vision when the company was founded in 1986 was a limited number of engineers with a focus on development intensive assignments in the area of specialized machines.Our slogan “Engineers with a passion for technology” is a good description of what has always been the focus of the company.

Our first assignment was with Volvo Buses which is still one of our customers.

Already from the start it was our goal to foster interpersonal relationships and create strong ties to the organization.We arranged social activities outside the business where respective families were also encouraged to participate.

Key Financials

Revenue 216 MSEK
Profit 10.7 MSEK
Solidity 43,8%
Credit Rating AAA

The companies in the Consat Group deliver value to our customers based on our genuine passion for technology and proactive approach.

Growth is organic and we expand through focused subsidiaries.

We develop cutting edge technologies and balance this with a wide customer base to gain stability over time.

Consat Engineering

Consat Engineering AB is specialized in providing product and manufacturing engineering services.

Consat Engineering offers services ranging from individual consultants to complete projects with preparatory studies and custom deliverables produced in our own workshops.

Through our extensive range of skills and long experience we are able to provide a creative collaboration between the disciplines of mechanics, automation, vision, telematics, industrial IT and software development.

The main office of Consat Engineering is located in Partille, Sweden with satellite offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Consat Sustainable Energy Systems

Consat Sustainable Energy Systems AB (SES) specializes in energy efficiency projects for commercial properties. 

Projects start with basic analysis followed by contracts which provide a guaranteed improved energy efficiency.

Consat SES is also exclusive distributor in the Nordic countries for the worlds most effective grey water heat exchanger for showers.

The office of Consat SES is located in Partille, Sweden.

Consat Telematics

Consat Telematics AB is a leader in offering ITS Systems for Public Transportation and Smart Cities.

Consat Telematics has extensive international experience and offers complete customized solutions for cities, regions, and operators.

The systems offer management solutions to not only common public transportation vehicles such as buses, trams and ferries, but also snow plows, garbage trucks and other service vehicles used in a modern city.

The main office of Consat Telematics is located in Partille, Sweden.  The company has subsidiaries in USA, Canada, and Norway.


Consat Data

Consat Data AB is your complete IT partner and offers a wide range of products and services for all the needs of your company.

Our customers’ needs and size vary greatly from a single server to hundreds of work stations and servers. If you run a small business, we can help you avoid the need for your own IT department. For larger companies we can provide products and services for your IT department or even offer custom complete IT solutions.

Our main principle is to offer our customers problem-free IT management and one of our specialties is system monitoring.  Using our software, we collect real-time information about our customers’ systems and can proactively identify problems before they affect the users.

The office of Consat Data is located in Partille, Sweden.

Our business is focused on providing competency and technical consultation as well as turn-key solutions to our customers.

Our business and services shall be professional with high quality and integrate environmental considerations which meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

We shall actively engage in environmental efforts to reduce our customers environmental impact and thereby contribute to a sustainable society. By continue to develop our competency in the area we will sustain high levels with continuous improvements as a result.

Consat is Quality Certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and Environmentally Certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001:2004.

Industrial product and system development projects are complex and require expertise in many areas.

Our partnerships with organizations and companies, which complement our competencies, allow us to take on large and complex projects.

Netgroup Engineering

Consat is one of the founders of Netgroup Engineering, which is strengthening our ability to deliver projects for the automotive industry.

Netgroup Engineering AB was founded in 1999 and is comprised of several technology companies, each with their own niche, which can offer over 1200 consultants to solve all conceivable and inconceivable challenges.

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education in Transport, ICT and Media areas.

Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where industry, academy and public sectors collaborate on research and development projects. Consat is a shareholder of Lindholmen Science Park and has been involved with successful collaborations and innovations for more than 10 years. 


Consat and Ericsson have a partnership with focus on ITS for public transportation and smart cities.

Consat Telematics is the largest company in the Nordic countries in this area and with Ericsson’s aggressive global investment in Networked Society, we combine the strengths of the two companies to take on more and bigger projects.

Volvo Buses

Consat and Volvo Buses have, since 2005, an enhanced partnership in the development of telematics systems.

Between the two companies, we have telematics systems in most regions of the world. The systems are used to make public transportation better and more effective for operators and authorities.