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Consat Data is official IT-supplier for Partille Cup

Consat is the official IT-supplier for the Partille Cup. “It’s amazing that we once again get the trust to deliver all IT hardware and infrastructure. In Partille Cup we also have our nice and appreciated Consat Trophy Award, “says a happy Christian Johansson CEO of Consat Data AB.

Working hard and being a team player is crucial for achieving good results in both sports and life. Handball is not just about making goals. Handball starts with a good defense based on cooperation where all is needed. Therefore Consat presents together with Johanna Bundsen, goalkeeper in the Swedish national team, Consat Trophy Award for Partille Cup 2018.

The winning girl and boy team will be featured on the big stage at Heden on July 6th!

Consat delivers to FRAM

“Consat has gained trust from FRAM, the head of traffic in Möre and Romsdals on the west coast of Norway, to deliver 80’s vehicle information system for passenger information.

The assignment will be carried out during the summer and the installation will take place in Molde and Kristiansund.

Consat has, with the win of this procurement, installed its vehicle system in seven out of eight traffic areas at FRAM.

This is the 6th Norwegian principal who purchases Consat systems and together with the Norwegian operators we are present in almost all Norwegian counties
-says a happy Thomas Ottosson CEO in the Consat Telematics group.

Consat at Charm 2018

Telephony – a new business area at Consat Data AB

Consat Data expands its business and is now also taking a steady grip on the telephone segment. “The fact that IT and telephony have been increasingly interlinked in recent years is no surprise and that we now enter as a supplier of telephony and mobile exchange solutions is a natural step for us to position ourselves in the market as a comprehensive supplier”, says Christian Johansson, CEO of Consat Data AB