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Consat delivers to FRAM

“Consat has gained trust from FRAM, the head of traffic in Möre and Romsdals on the west coast of Norway, to deliver 80’s vehicle information system for passenger information.

The assignment will be carried out during the summer and the installation will take place in Molde and Kristiansund.

Consat has, with the win of this procurement, installed its vehicle system in seven out of eight traffic areas at FRAM.

This is the 6th Norwegian principal who purchases Consat systems and together with the Norwegian operators we are present in almost all Norwegian counties
-says a happy Thomas Ottosson CEO in the Consat Telematics group.

Consat at Charm 2018

Telephony – a new business area at Consat Data AB

Consat Data expands its business and is now also taking a steady grip on the telephone segment. “The fact that IT and telephony have been increasingly interlinked in recent years is no surprise and that we now enter as a supplier of telephony and mobile exchange solutions is a natural step for us to position ourselves in the market as a comprehensive supplier”, says Christian Johansson, CEO of Consat Data AB

Live in Sydney!


On Sunday, the 26th November, The B-Line was inaugurated in Sydney, Australia.

The B-Line is a brand new line of 40 double-decker buses servicing between the North Beaches and the city centre, while traveling over the famous Harbour Bridge and past the world renowned Opera House. This line is the first one in Sydney to be equipped with a real-time system where passengers are informed via Public Information Display (PID) onboard the buses as well as PIDs at the stop points. The real-time information is also exported to Google’s GTFS. The ambition is for Sydney and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) to expand with more lines in the near future.

“It’s thrilling and exciting to have been trusted for this project, and I am extremely proud of our team for the work and effort provided so we could manage this project under such a short time. The customers’ response has been both professional and positive, so we are really looking forward to further business opportunities in Australia“,
– says a gleeful Thomas Ottosson
CEO of Consat Telematics.

Thomas Ottosson
CEO Consat Telematics AB

P: +46 31 - 340 00 27

Career Companies 2018

Consat is part of a unique club, having now been appointed as one of Sweden’s 100 most interesting Career Companies for the sixth consecutive year.

The jury’s motivation for Consat’s selection as a Career Company in 2018 is as follow: “With a quality-oriented and extended experience and knowledge, Consat is implementing its work with employer branding in several areas of expertise. By putting the focus on its employees and appealing to potential employees through its incredible commitment, Consat AB is hereby appointed as a one of Sweden’s Career Companies 2008.”

“It’s very exciting and, above all, it shows our true ambition and clear goal of being at the forefront as an attractive workplace and to keep developing in the right direction. Consat is our employees, and we achieve our success by working together, because there’s nothing more exhilarating than winning together”, says a thrilled Martin Wahlgren, CEO of Consat AB.

Consat partners with Drive Sweden

During the spring, Consat was selected as a partner in the Driver Sweden’s innovation program.

Driver Sweden came to life in 2015 and has already helped putting Sweden on the map within the field of autonomous transports.

With Consat’s past and current involvement in the Intelligent Transport System for public transports, Sweden Drive’s focus on autonomous vehicles and car sharing solutions is right up our alley

Martin Wahlgren, CEO of Consat AB.

Martin Wahlgren VP Consat AB, Jan Hellåker, program coordinator, Drive Sweden
Photo Christian Crona

It’s not all about driverless vehicles. This is a completely new approach to mobility. We are on the threshold of a radical shift, and it’s happening fast. In just a few years the world will change. We will see entirely new mobility business models enabling sustainable cities.

More people in a limited area means increased congestion and other negative impacts on our society and the environment. These are but a few of the reasons behind a rapidly increasing interest in automated transport systems.

Automated transport systems include, essentially, all forms of transportation – private journeys, public transport and freight transportation. You order a driverless vehicle when you need one, perhaps for a convenient connection to public transport. On reaching your destination the vehicle continues on to pick up the next traveler. Various modes of transport are seamlessly mixed to provide an optimal journey.

New, smart solutions also enable flexible goods deliveries in cities. Large areas that are currently used for parking will become available for activities that contribute to increased quality of life. In parallel, the transportation sector will change its focus from products to services. This will open up for new business models and diminish differences between people.

Sweden has an automotive industry that is at the cutting edge in terms of safety and care for the environment. We have world leading information technology and telecom companies. And we have a tradition of systems thinking and excellent collaboration between industry, academia and government.

Drive Sweden is a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government that gathers the best in the area – from all sectors of society. We work closely together to make optimal use of all possibilities, but also to address the challenges that could arise along the way. This could pertain to road safety, adaptation of infrastructure and legislation that needs updating.

The Drive Sweden innovation program started in the spring of 2015. It is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Research Council Formas and Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVALindholmen Science Park is the host for the program.