The industrial sector has been one of our strongest aspects since the company’s foundation. We develop specialty machines, set up production lines and have developed our own platform for advanced vision systems. We also supply services and take on development projects related to automation, mechanics, electronics, software, telematics and IT.
One of our primary strengths is our ability to take on cross-functional development projects that involve multiple technologies.

Turn-key Projects

since the company’s founding in 1986, we are known for our ability to take on complete and often cross-functional turn-key projects.

We value long-term relationships where we can build the domain knowledge required by our customers.

Many of our projects are started as a result of our proactive engagement with our customers and are based on our engineers having relevant domain knowledge.

Cross-functional projects allow our engineers to provide tremendous value while expanding their personal knowledge and competence.

Customers who turn to Consat usually have difficult problems to solve and are looking for a partner who can and wants to take responsibility.

Below is a small sample of customers who have made the decision to partner with us.


AstaZero is partnering with Consat to develop new test equipment for advanced road safety systems.

With AstaZero, we have developed the world’s most advanced winch system that controls multiple collision targets for use in the auto industry. The winch system is exceptionally powerful and is capable of precise acceleration of targets, such as elks and bicyclists, to realistic speeds in an exceptionally short amount of time.

The new winch system is enabling tests of next generation active safety systems and autonomous vehicles.


Consat is an approved supplier in the production development area and have delivered both equipment and engineering services to SKF.

Swedish Match NE AB

Consat is an approved supplier in the production development area and have delivered both equipment and engineering services to Swedish Match.


Höganäs Digital Metal partnered with Consat to develop a high-precision 3D Printer for metal.

The first machine was developed in Consat’s concept workshop.

Today, several 3D printers are used to mass-produce a large number of advanced products for external customers.

The precision is exceptionally high and the technology can manufacture products using several types of metal.

Fresenius Kabi

Consat participated in the development of specialty machines and vision systems for Fresenius-Kabis pharmaceutical manufacturing for many years.

The involvement has been both to provide consulting as well as project delivery.

Oxeon TeXtreme

Consat worked with Professor Nandan Khokar, Co-founder of Oxeon, to develop weaving machines for Oxeon TeXtreme carbon fiber weave.

TeXtreme carbon fiber weave is the market leader and is often used in demanding applications such as Formula 1, Americas Cup, ice hockey equipment, racing bicycles, and much more.


Ripasso Energy is partnering with Consat for assistance with mechanical engineering, software for electronics and IT.

We have had the privilege to follow Ripasso on their journey from start-up to stock market IPO.

The product we helped Ripasso develop collects thermal energy from the sun in a parabolic reflective dish that tracks the sun and heats hydrogen gas to drive pistons in the engine. The system provides alternating current directly without the need for additional DC/AC converters, water cooling systems or complex central units.

The system converts concentrated solar radiation into electrical energy at a world leading efficiency of 32%.



Consat and ABB have partnered for several years in the development of robotics.

ABB Value Provider Program is a formal cooperation agreement between ABB and Consat which allows us to incorporate ABB robotics in our projects and solutions.

Coesia Flexlink

FlexLink is a global company focused on factory automation.

Flexlink has chosen Consat as their main provider of development services. We also have a close relationship with their product offerings.



We collaborate with the Italian industrial group SoGeSi to develop new production solutions for medical equipment and laundry solution industries.

For most of our industrial projects, production technology is a key concept.

Well-designed products in an efficient production environment with smart workflows on the shop-floor allow our clients to be competitive in the global market.

Conceptual solutions for customization and development of production machines include:

  • Tools and fixtures
  • Process and machine status analysis
  • Production and facility design/layout
  • Rationalization projects

It is common for large industrial groups to move production between units.

Consat has a lot of experience with efficient moving of production and optimizing flows and production equipment to improve efficiency.

We also provide risk management and CE marking consulting services.

Consat has over 30 years of experience with industrial mechanical construction.

We are able to deliver turn-key system solutions by ourselves or with our partners.

A few examples of what we can assist with in the area of mechanical construction:

  • Development of conceptual models
  • Specialty machines
  • Handling of material
  • Production development
  • Tool-based construction
  • Heavy construction
  • Tool construction
  • Fixtures and jigs
  • Test technique
  • Test equipment

Our strength lies in our ability to deliver solutions and manage projects that span many technologies. Automation is a central component of many of these projects.

A few examples of what we can assist with in the area of industrial automation:

  • Development of conceptual models
  • Comprehensive control systems
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system
  • Software development
  • PLC/HMI programming
  • Programming of robotics
  • Robot simulation
  • Servo technology
  • Electrical constructions
  • Vision systems
  • IoT


Do you want to increase your production efficiency and be able to monitor the production process in real-time? If this is the case, Consat Quidance Vision (CQV) is the answer to your needs. The system enables a continuous and consistent monitoring of the production in real-time. This allows faster actions to be taken to maximize your production efficiency. Information from the CQV system will be accessible to all levels of a company and adapted so that relevant information is displayed to the user according to Industry 4.0. The collected data is stored to enable analyzes of how the process can be optimized. Welcome to discuss how CQV can help you to increase your production efficiency today!

Andreas Svensson
Produktchef CQV

Telefon: 031 - 340 00 15




User Focus

CQV in Production

CQV three main application areas are Classification, Measuring and Robot Guiding. These areas can be used individually or in combination of two or more areas depending on the application. Classification is used for different quality measures to either give an ok or not ok for your product or to grade the quality for the product. Example applications are batch number verification, detecting defects in products or materials etc.Measuring is used for checking e.g. a product’s dimensions or temperature. The measure data can be used to show graphical trends based on time or sample. CQV can be used for Robot Guiding, i.e. a robot’s movement can be controlled by CQV. An example application is Bin-picking, where CQV is detecting unsorted products in a box or pallet and then guides a robot to a correct picking position..



Robot Guiding

User Interface

Consat Quidance Vision is easy to learn, use and understand. The user interface is intuitive and can be customized based on customer-specific requirements.

The whole system is monitored through a well laid out screen which shows all relevant information required to oversee and manage the process. Real-time key metrics are also shown in a number of graphs, which allow users to get a quick overview of the process.

When production changes to manufacture new products or use different machines, the operator switches easily to a new blueprint. This eliminates unnecessary stops or manual configurations.

The operator always has complete control over possible issues in the production process and can react quickly if issues occur.

System overview

CQV is designed to meet today’s demands on connectivity. It allows connection to different user interfaces; both directly and to mobile devices, to allow connectivity for different users with different demands on the interface. There is also possibility to connect CQV to an ERP system or the Cloud for exchanging information such as orders and data.

The CQV system runs on a computer to which the sensors are connected that are monitoring the process. It also includes a local data storage where the collected raw data is stored; ready for processing or to be sent to the cloud for further analysis. CQV can also interact with a control system or a robot to enable that the routing of a product can be controlled based on the outcome from the process parameters that are monitored by CQV.

Our customers demand high quality and on-time delivery.

There are requirements for transparency throughout the design and development process, and we provide final reports of testing and implementation.

We are measured not only by our ability to deliver a quality product, but also by how we provide assurance throughout the development process.

Our objective is to not only meet, but to exceed customer expectations and requirements. For this purpose we have an established agile-based quality assurance process for all in-house development.

We continuously monitor quality and regularly revise our methods and processes to ensure consistent quality.

For industrial projects, we have our own concept workshops in order to do development testing, make adjustments and perform the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before delivery to the customer.

Our customers demand high quality and on-time delivery.

It is very valuable to be able to try new machine concepts through prototypes. We have developed a close relationship with manufacturers and installers, who are able to assist with the testing of prototypes in operational machines and products.

Concept Workshops

We have a concept workshop at our headquarters in Partille, Sweden, where we test complete production lines and specialty machines.

At our office in Stockholm, we have a concept workshop for mounting and testing of tools and fixtures.

Having direct access to concept workshops at our development centers enables shorter development lead-times and better solutions.

3D Printer

When developing a product, there is usually a need for quick verification of the design.

Consat has acquired a machine for development of prototypes using the FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) technique for models in ABS-plastic. The machine is intended to be used as a service in our projects and for our customers. The max size of the models developed is 203x203x305mm. In addition to this machine, we have our own workshop for assembly and basic machining such as turning and milling.

Electronics Lab

For efficient development, it is important to have access to a testing environment. This is why we have invested in our own electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected laboratory with measuring and soldering equipment.

We have worked with machine safety and CE conformity marking since 1995 and can assist you with:

Risk analysis (based on the machinery, LVD and ATEX directives)

Compiling CE conformity documents

Practical measures

Advice regarding reconstruction, machine moves etc.

Establishing routines, roadmaps etc.

Customized training

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