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Consat and the traffic authority for Västerbotten have agreed a contract

Consat and the traffic authority for Västerbotten have agreed a contract to provide Consat’s real-time passenger information system to 327 vehicles in the Västerbotten region.

Consat is thrilled to deliver and maintain a new and complete system, covering everything from the onboard vehicle system with passenger information, through to a central system providing traffic control and stop light prioritisation.

Consat’s system will provide all audio and visual real-time information presented to the county’s public transport travellers. Installation will begin autumn 2019, with the system going live spring 2020.

-It’s be exciting to demonstrate how our system will be able to simplify public transport journeys in Västerbotten – says Henrik Nilsson at Consat.

With this tender, we’ve specified demanding requirements for a stable system that can provide reliable customer information across our network. We therefore feel confident to agree a contract with Consat – a delivery partner with high competence and dependable service. Together we’re planning to develop public transport in Västerbotten – says Harriet Söder, Executive Director Länstrafiken Västerbotten.

Consat would like to thank everyone for visiting our stand at UITP 2019.

Consat would like to thank everyone for visiting our stand at UITP 2019.

Among all the exciting meetings and topics that were discussed in our stand, we want to highlight one feature that was appreciated by the visitors.

For the last year, Västtrafik has utilised a feature that brings visible benefits even to those not using public transport.

Pedestrians running for a bus potentially ignore everything in their path, from traffic lights, to common sense, risking life and limb to simply to begin their journey.

At a known dangerous crossing in the Västtrafik area, we’ve witnessed that, since the countdown on the destination sign was introduced, pedestrians take more care, and motorists give more consideration immediately prior to bus departure.

“The example is from my everyday life,” says Henrik at Consat.

Utilising the front sign to show more than just destination garnered interest at UITP where even a visitor stated – this is the greatest innovation at the whole UITP.

Consat developed the function together with Agder Kollektivtrafikk, www.akt.no, a transport authority in Norway, three years ago. Stop timing data is in the traffic database and departure countdowns are completely automatic. Implementation is very simple and consists of a central configuration change in the vehicle computer. The function is not dependent on the manufacturer of the front sign, as the information is directly controlled, rather than relying on any intermediate sign-management equipment.

Consat Telematics Will Take You Around the World Expo 2020 in Dubai

Consat, together with Famco and Volvo, is delivering an ITxPT-certified telematics and passenger counting system to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai.

The RTA has been looking to procure a modern and adaptable telematics system for its new city buses. Following a tough selection process against global competitors, Consat was selected to provide its ITxPT-certified telematics solution and passenger counting system for 373 new buses, built by Sunsundegui on a Volvo chassis – 100 of these will provide transportation services for the World Expo 2020. Our goal is to continue evolving the delivered solution, providing even greater functionality and enhancing the passenger experience.

Read more about World Expo 2020 i Dubai:

It is incredibly amazing to be selected by another world-renowned city. Especially by a customer with such high expectations for quality and who values cutting-edge technologies. It is extremely rewarding for us to be delivering this system together with Famco, Volvo and Sunsundegui”, says Thomas Ottosson, CEO of Consat Telematics.

Consat in the news

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall just introduced a new plan to make finding Cornwall Transit buses a little easier.

On Monday, May 27, Cornwall Transit in partnership with Consat Canada Inc. unveiled a new digital service that tracks buses in real-time and can update users on any delays or cancellations……

Läs mer:



Picture from: https://www.cornwallseawaynews.com/2019/05/27/do-you-know-where-your-bus-is/

Consat in the news!

Consat Canada is expanding with a new transit agency within the Metrolinx joint procurement contract. Over the last 12 months Consat has installed systems in Timmins, Orangeville, Simcoe county and Cornwall. With the addition of Belleville it brings Consat’s customer list to 26 in Canada, most of which are located in Ontario.

Next city out is Belleville which is highlighted in the Quinte newspaper:


“This is great news! During last year we have had fantastic momentum with adding several new customers ”,  tells Roger Sauve, CAO Consat Canada Inc

Picture from: https://www.quintenews.com/2019/03/08/better-service-planned-for-belleville-bus-riders/

Consat Launches Innovation Company

Within the Consat-Group we have, as known,a passion for technology. As a result of this we can’t hold our selves from taking things a few steps further. Occasionally we go so far as starting new product- or specialist subsidiaries. One example is our Consat Telematics that we now proudly can say is a world leading company within ITS for public transport. Another is Consat SES that has brought a whole new way of working with energy into the branch of property management.

“We have realized that we are quite good at the actual process of innovation so we thought; why not take this process a few steps further” says Martin Wahlgren CEO of Consat AB.

Emil Brandt, who will be the head of this new enterprise, comes from a leading position at Consat Engineering and has a long track record of helping Consat customers from idea to commercial viability.

“That sounds complicated; talk to Consat” is a quote that quite well illustrates our position in the market. We have a history of operating in the core of our customers business which says something of how we handle trust. With this said, It feels like a very natural step to give our ability to find new products, methods or new ways to cooperate; it’s own commercial space – says an enthusiastic Emil Brandt.


Grand Slam in Oslo

Today, Consat Telematics AB representatives were in Norway to sign a contract with Norska Nettbuss AS for their Intelligent Transport System intended for 220 buses in Oslo.

#Ruter, Oslo’s public transport authority, came out in the spring with a procurement for six of their so-called “route packages”. The procurement followed the new “Bus as a Service” model, which means that each bus operator must now also provide a complete ITS solution for their vehicle fleet.

As the largest supplier of ITS solutions in the Nordic Countries, it is incredibly satisfying that we can also put ourselves in the driver’s seat with a system for “Bus as a Service” where the new ITxPT standard will be used. So far, we have been given the privilege of delivering our system to five, out of six, #Ruter’s “route packages” in Oslo through our contract with Nettbuss AS, and the previously awarded contract with Norgesbuss AS

Says an enthusiastic Thomas Ottosson, CEO of Consat Telematics AB

Thomas Ottosson
CEO Consat Telematics

Consat Telematics Wins a Prestigious Business Opportunity in Sydney

This past summer, Transport for New South Wales awarded Consat Telematics AB with the contract for an ITS solution, including a SIRI Broker, which will link together all public transport operators throughout the state of New South Wales, including the city of Sydney. Operators for busses, trains, ferries, subways and tramways will all be connected so they can exchange their real-time information, to the benefit of all public transport passengers!

The project began week.39 – 2018 and will take several years to gradually connect all the operators.

“Putting ourselves out there and being chosen by a world city like Sydney for such a central delivery definitely puts us on the map as one of the ITS leaders. This project gives us a unique opportunity to also assist the involved operators with a complete ITS solution.

I am greatly impressed by the teamwork that went into our success in Australia. More doors are now opening to us in Australia as a result from last year’s successful B-Line project in Sydney and the award of this project in the whole state of New South Wales”

Says a happy and proud Thomas Ottosson, CEO of Consat Telematics AB.

Thomas Ottosson
CEO Consat Telematics

Consat Data is official IT-supplier for Partille Cup

Consat is the official IT-supplier for the Partille Cup. “It’s amazing that we once again get the trust to deliver all IT hardware and infrastructure. In Partille Cup we also have our nice and appreciated Consat Trophy Award, “says a happy Christian Johansson CEO of Consat Data AB.

Working hard and being a team player is crucial for achieving good results in both sports and life. Handball is not just about making goals. Handball starts with a good defense based on cooperation where all is needed. Therefore Consat presents together with Johanna Bundsen, goalkeeper in the Swedish national team, Consat Trophy Award for Partille Cup 2018.

The winning girl and boy team will be featured on the big stage at Heden on July 6th!