If we can make complex information easier to understand and present it to users in a simpler way, they’ll make smarter decisions

Orvar Hurtig VD Consat Engineering

Consat Next

Consat Next enables our customers digital transformation journey by:

  • Providing a ready to use IoT platform and framework, with continuous Integration/Deployment capability to build and launch digital products
  • Increasing productivity through real time Data insights
  • Giving access to a base of agile tech talent that is always learning, evolving and executing
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Driving cost efficiencies through Operation optimization
  • Brand positioning as a thought leader and innovative company


We want to be the digital backbone for our customers. A digital backbone that is always evolving to cater to the ever-shifting market landscape.


We have a deep engineering culture with experience across multiple industries including mechanics, embedded software, domain, IT, cloud and more, thus enabling us to offer solutions to problems within the industrial spectrum.


We follow an agile approach to solve client challenges through rapid prototyping (Minimal Viable Product scope (MVP)). Transparency in our dealings with clients and building relationships with a long-term perspective from a start.

What makes Consat Next capabilities Unique?

Passionate about your business

Speed & Efficiency

Proven Technology

man infront of code

Digital transformation made simple

  • Manage Scalability
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence
  • Leveraging Machine Learning
  • User friendly Applications
  • Multi Vendor connectivity
  • Addressing Mobility
  • Multiuser Interface
  • Take advantage of Edge Technology
  • Enabling Prototyping
  • Supports Rapid decision making

Platform functions

Application – Application Management, Mobile & Web User Interface

User Management – Authentication & Access Control

Rule Engine – Rules Engine (real time and historical) for Service Logic, Zero Coding

Service Components – Alerting/Notification, Reporting & Analytics, Payment, Scheduler

Data Management – Data Ingestion and Routing, Data Storage, Streaming Data

Device Management – Device & Sensor Connectivity & Metadata/Management

System Management – Cloud infrastructure orchestration (self healing, scaling, high availability)

Support – Platform as a Service including L2 & L3 Support

Overall functions

  • External micro services-based integration
  • GDPR Compliant, SSL Encryption, 2FA, Pervasive security
  • Development tools (Quick prototyping for MVP)
screen with Next application running
Application Layer
  • Web & Mobile dashboard interface for displaying application & device data
  • Pre-designed interactive design components and user testing process
  • Ability to create interactive prototypes faster
  • Dashboard interface can be customized as per each client’s service & usability needs
  • Integrating with 3rd party applications
User Management Layer
  • Role based authentication and access control system for user management
  • Define users and their rights when accessing your application
  • User access to specific sites or location profiles for restricting their data access
  • Define which alarm notifications or application alerts that each user can receive
Rule Engine Layer
  • Define rules for IFTTT (If This Then That) conditions to users or other web services
  • Notification messages can be delivered as email alerts, mobile alerts & system/code trigger calls to internal or external web services
  • Zero coding Rules can be defined on incoming device data, system or application data and third party services data
Service Components Layer
  • Micro services based application components that are exposed as API endpoints
  • Standardized micro services that can be utilized for rapid delivery & deployment
  • Customer use case specific service components can be developed and deployed in an agile manner to meet delivery timelines
Data Management Layer
  • Seamlessly collect, combine and manage data from various sources with our data pipeline framework
  • Enables data injection, structuring, and storage for static and streaming data points.
  • Enables both cold & hot data storage to deliver failsafe application performance
  • Data brokers for open source data protocols like OCPP or proprietary data protocols
Device Management Layer
  • Connect millions of devices ranging from IIoT/Smart Home/Healthcare/ Mobility sensors & gateways
  • Standardized communication protocols (g., MQTT protocol defined for M2M telemetry and IoT applications)
  • Continuously monitor the performance & status of each device on a real time basis
  • Manage the entire device lifecycle right from acquiring to provisioning to retiring of the device, all from within  the Platform
System Management Layer
  • System infrastructure can be deployed across public, private & hybrid cloud environment
  • System services are delivered through a containerized & serverless deployment architecture
  • Ensures auto scaling for managing application load and also ensures business continuity through failover & backup mechanisms
  • System complies with GDPR requirements
  • Development, Pre Production & Production system environment are deployed within a secured vault to ensure maximum security
  • Data & Code deployment (CI/CD) pipelines work within an encrypted channel to ensure data security
Support Layer
  • System performance meets SLA performance requirement of9% uptime availability to ensure business continuity
  • Technical & user support during business working hours
  • Support infrastructure can be scaled and scope of support services can be expanded based on your specific needs
Overall functions
  • External micro services-based integration
  • GDPR Compliant, SSL Encryption, 2FA, Pervasive security
  • Development tools (Quick prototyping for MVP

Customer cases

lots of chargers placed in a city

EV charger service

Maximizing uptime in a new EV charging landscape to service

women with vr holing gears

Asset monitoring

Real time data collection & Visualization to capture the actual usage of your product

child hiding behind a tree


Applying realtime tracking to locate child

cookies on a row

Vision system

Applying Machine learning tools to do things better

two people in the front seat of a car

Applying AI

Match “like-minded” people
– so they could travel together and enjoy the ride

Consat Next Express

screen with Next application running

Consat Next Express is for customers who wish to get started on their digital transformation journey, with limited effort and hasslefree. Customer will be able to connect a device, for a specific use-case, to our cloudbased platform and see a web dashboard of their own realtime data. This is done in a very short span of time, 4-6 weeks.


pär forsberg

Pär Forsberg

Manager IoT & Electrification
Consat Engineering AB

P: +46 31-340 00 57
M: par.forsberg@consat.se