Consat offers a pragmatic approach to digital transformation

Are you on a digital journey, running a data-driven business, or ready to advance from the production floor to app interfaces? Consat is ready to be your partner along the way. As we embrace a dynamic future by offering a pragmatic approach to digital transformation, we are able to show clear business value and leverage technology in an effort to optimize performance within your organization – without compromising reliability.

Each project we take on is managed according to the unique needs and challenges of the business we are working with. By pointing out a rational path for where to go next, Consat will set the baseline for your digital innovation. We believe that our broad experience from various industries along with our expertise in building and launching digital products is what differentiates Consat from other engineers. We are more than ready to support you in your innovation, guiding your business’s digital evolution in a pragmatic way and at a pace that suits you.

What does a pragmatic approach mean to us?

One of Consats core values is selling the reality, not the dream. With that said, we know what it means to build and launch digital products and when it comes to technology we actually believe that we know how to create magic. Helping our customers reach their goals is always done with the same pragmatic approach but in various ways, such as the following:

  • Manage scalability with a practical approach that considers the unique needs and challenges of your business.
  • Leverage user-friendly applications that streamline processes and enhance the customer experience.
  • Address the demands of mobility with solutions that allow for remote access and collaboration.
  • Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in a way that makes sense for your organization, rather than chasing the latest buzzwords or trends.
  • Connect with multiple vendors seamlessly to create a cohesive digital ecosystem that meets your business needs.
  • Provide a multiuser interface that simplifies collaboration and communication across departments and teams.
  • Take advantage of edge technology to optimize performance and reduce latency, without compromising reliability.

How is it done? | Consat NEXT enables a digital transformation journey

Consat NEXT is our digital, ready-to-use IoT platform and framework that enables us to implement the pragmatic approach to digital transformation. With continuous Integration/Deployment capability to build and launch digital products, it’s already integrated with hundreds of devices & sensors for tracking, health, Smart Homes and EV charging – to mention a few. Among other benefits, Consat NEXT has an enormous capacity and the ability to:

  • Increase productivity through real-time Data insights
  • Give access to a base of agile tech talent that is always learning, evolving and executing
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Drive cost efficiencies through Operation optimization
  • Brand position as a thought leader and innovative company
screen with Next application running


As our clients are never in the exact same stage, Consat has the opportunity to be involved in many different development journeys. In the following examples, Consat Digital Platform NEXT has been used in two different ways to improve efficiency and quality in two various projects.

Consats broad experience from various industries could help support you in your innovation journey to help scale up your business models for digital services in a pragmatic approach. From the production floor to app interfaces, we set the baseline for your digital innovation.

– We bring a perfect match of engineering and digital skills to quickly set the baseline, offering industrialized digital solutions to set the rational path of your digital journey. Consat Digital Platform NEXT is already integrated with thousands of devices & sensors from different verticals for Industry 4.0, e-mobility asset tracking, e-health, Smart Homes and EV charging, to mention a few.

In the following examples, Consat as a digital partner guided two leading enterprises in their respective industry verticals, in their business digital evolution at the pace that suited them.

Case 1. Industry 4.0.

IoT for machines is an ongoing development where Consat Digital platform NEXT works to identify issues before they occur. Working in advance will help avoid any sudden impact an issue could have on production. 


Being able to reduce unplanned downtime, increase asset lifespans, and optimize maintenance costs would increase the production flow within the industry, but today the maintenance of machines in production is transformed into a proactive rather than a reactive approach. 

How we solved it

Consat Digital Platform NEXT presents data-driven innovation, fast prototyping, and fast production service development and deployment to support innovation and quickly scale up digital business. Together with the IoT platform we’re enabled to drive automation by using our vision solution CQV which provides continuous and consistent production monitoring – resulting in higher product quality. In “Industry 4.0” we’re connecting to various machines in the manufacturing industry to assist our customers in making smarter decisions.

The end-to-end solution includes Connectivity management, Edge computing, Application development and Management orchestrated over the Consat NEXT Digital platform. The application feature also includes:

  • Real-time visibility into critical manufacturing equipment
  • Real time Monitoring of business KPIs calculated and sourced automatically from multiple systems, such as PLC, MES, or from sensors
  • Detailed view of production trends with drill down into events for root cause analysis
  • Reason-codes effectively to identify performance losses

The result

Using a data-driven approach on machines in production through Consat Digital solution presents an overview of production data and status such as: 

Items produced, Alarms raised, Downtime incidents Downtime recorded, Uptime percentage, Current status, Frequency of Alarms, Items produced over time, Machine status and Alarms Sent Cumulative. 

Having this information at hand help make smarter decisions, resulting in:

  • Increased Throughput
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce unplanned downtime

Case 2. Wennstrom - Consat CMS

The logistics around the possibilities for charging is one of the biggest challenges that arises in the transition to electric vehicles. By working with our cloud-based and independent system for service and maintenance of charging infrastructure, we can solve the problem.


With charging infrastructure from multiple suppliers, several challenges soon emerge, one of which is efficiently managing maintenance and service

How we solved it 

The Consat Charging Management Solution (CMS) enables the management of electric vehicle charging stations at multiple locations through a single application. The solution also includes real-time monitoring and optimization capabilities, including:

  • Management and allocation of available capacity.
  • Integrated features to ensure high uptime for charging stations.
  • Integration possibilities with other systems.
  • Providing ready-made opportunities to establish new digital services for multiple stakeholders.
  • Offering prepared opportunities to enable more sophisticated data analytics and AI tools.

The result

Our customer’s digital transformative journey was initiated by providing the opportunity to leverage the benefits of a cloud-based and vendor-independent system for service and maintenance of charging infrastructure.

With features such as remote diagnostics, remote charger service management, load distribution, role-based access control of information, real-time monitoring, and automatic alert functions, there is the possibility to:

  • Increase internal efficiency in service operations.
  • Ensure high uptime for chargers through a more proactive and real-time-based service approach.
  • Easily integrate more chargers supporting OCPP 1.6.
  • Offer new features that support and optimize their customers’ operations.
“If we can make complex information easier to understand and present
it to users in a simpler way, they’ll make smarter decisions”

Orvar Hurtig VD Consat Engineering

We want to learn about your business to support you in your transformation!


We want to be the digital backbone for our customers. A digital backbone that is always evolving to cater to the ever-shifting market landscape and ready to guide you in optimizing and automating your business to our dynamic future.


We have a deep engineering culture with experience across multiple industries including mechanics, embedded software, domain, IT, cloud and more, thus enabling us to offer solutions to problems within the industrial spectrum. We know what to focus on in digitalisation and why.


We follow an agile approach to solve client challenges through rapid prototyping (Minimal Viable Product scope (MVP)). Without compromising on conceivability we’ll guide your business’s digital evolution with a pragmatic approach to digital transformation. We offer transparency in our dealings with clients while building relationships with a long-term perspective from the start.


Application – Application Management, Mobile & Web User Interface

User Management – Authentication & Access Control

Rule Engine – Rules Engine (real time and historical) for Service Logic, Zero Coding

Service Components – Alerting/Notification, Reporting & Analytics, Payment, Scheduler

Data Management – Data Ingestion and Routing, Data Storage, Streaming Data

Device Management – Device & Sensor Connectivity & Metadata/Management

System Management – Cloud infrastructure orchestration (self healing, scaling, high availability)

Support – Platform as a Service including L2 & L3 Support

Overall functions

  • External micro services-based integration
  • GDPR Compliant, SSL Encryption, 2FA, Pervasive security
  • Development tools (Quick prototyping for MVP)


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