Life Science at Consat

For over 30 years, Consat has worked with Life Science. Nowadays, this is one of our focus areas. Over the years, we have had several long-term collaborations with companies that have trusted our broad expertise. Our Life Science experts help with the technology within production and can also be involved in the development phase of a concrete aid or application. As a full-scale engineering house, we have the capacity to deliver the entire project from idea to production.

Customer journey

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Phase 1: We review your needs and present a suitable solution for your business. All customers are different and have varying specification requirements. We act as a sounding board when new ideas and thoughts emerge during the process.

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Phase 2: We set up a whole team of experts in several different disciplines to match your needs. Is there a specific competence that needs to be included in the production, within the regulatory or specific medical technical requirements? We have employees who are happy to work on site at the customer’s.

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Phase 3: With even reconciliations, the results are presented along the way to the goal. With an agile approach, we can adjust product development so that it fits into rewarding conditions. We have great flexibility in our project model and work according to the method that suits best.

Medical Technology within Life Science

Businesses that work within Life Science play an important role in our society. With the ever-growing population, we need to meet the demand for high-quality medical products. Medical technology is a progressive industry with a great demand for the right skills.

It includes a variety of products used in health and care. It can be anything from X-ray machines and pacemakers to dialysis machines and orthopedic implants. Medical devices are intended to perform a diagnostic or therapeutic effect on humans. At Consat, we work as follows:

  • Happy to drive the entire development process
  • Identifies a need with risk management in mind
  • Takes into account detailed design and production set-up
  • Helps with certification and approval for various markets
  • Pursues techniques for prototype development
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Medical Technology within Product Development and Production

Consat Engineering has developed a number of medical technology products. We have been involved in automating many production facilities in the pharmaceutical and food industry. With extensive experience of helping with factory relocations or just one production line, we can support your business in most processes.

With the help of our in-house developed product CQV, it is possible to automate the visual control of products in production. CQV is a vision system that is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the manufacture of other products. With the help of the vision system, it is possible to control the concentration of a certain ingredient in a product.

Read more about the CQV vision system to know more about how it works.

Other Services within Life Science

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  • Connection of medical technology products or production data
  • Application development
  • Idea production and project management
  • Self-designed platform for collecting data from sensors and clear graphics
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Climate control- and cleanliness

  • Climate and cleanliness controls in lab environments
  • Project management and tailor-made processes
Ulrika Lin, Business Developer inom Life Science på Consat Engineering AB.

Contact Ulrika Lin, Business Developer Life Science, for more information.

P: +46 31-385 02 47

Career in medical technology

As this year’s Employer Branding company, we know that it is super important to make various efforts to be visible to the outside world and attract the right skills to our companies. Do you work in medical technology yourself and want to work with colleagues who are passionate about their profession? Take a look at our career page to see all our vacancies.

Consat Engineering is investing heavily in Life Science to be the obvious choice of partner for medical technology companies. Ulrika Lin, our Business Developer, tells more about Consat’s ambitions in the article “Consat Engineering AB invests in medical technology”