Our customers and employees stay with us because they agree this is essential:

  • Professional employees
  • High technical competency
  • Clean and verifiable code
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Good environment
  • Creativity
  • Goal orientation

By assigning employees to projects which fit their profile and development potential, we ensure that both our customers and employees are satisfied.

Why IT Mobility

Our customers turn to us for help with system design, client applications, database development, graphical interfaces, integration and services.

Our consultants are outstanding and are trained in accordance with the now known term “Consat Spirit”.

Consat Values

What We Do?

By offering our customers consultants who work with multiple programming languages and frameworks, we ensure that our customers get the right help and our employees get their passion for technology fulfilled.

We have teams of consultants who specialize in business analysis, project management, requirements analysis and systems development.

Our portfolio of products includes everything from single consultant assignment at customer location to complete development projects in our office at Lindholmen, Sweden.

Our Competencies

IT & Mobility focus on employees with a true passion for technology. We offer a laid back work environment, where both customers and employees can achieve their goals.

Below are some of our competencies we are passionate about:

  • Database development/services
  • Web development
  • Services
  • Mobile app development
  • Programming languages
  • Scripting languages
  • Frameworks
  • Architecture patterns
  • Graphic design
  • Interaction design
  • System development methodologies
  • Integration
Fixturlaser NXA


Minimize wear, production stops and unnecessary costs with a laser based tool for shaft alignment from Fixturlaser. Almost 50% of all machine breakdowns are caused by alignment issues.

Consat gas been software development partner to ACOEM Fixturlaser and their award winning laser shaft alignment tool.

The basic philosophy is to offer an intuitive, language independent user interface combined with wireless high precision laser sensors.

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 Our new website is designed and developed in WordPress.
  • Responsive design (for all screen sizes).
  • Search engine optimization using Yoast SEO and Google Analytics.
  • Works on all platforms.
  • User friendly, even for users without WordPress experience.
  • Accordions improve usability and reduce perceived page length.

Ragnar Hallgren
Business Development Manager Connected

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