We often ask ourselves the question: for whom do we create our solutions? The answer is simple: for future generations. That is why sustainability is a key concept in everything we do. With a green vision, we can work for a more sustainable society.

Sustainable Energysolutions with Consat SES

Sustainable Energysolutions with Consat SES

Consat Sustainable Energy systems (SES) was founded in 2009 and operates out of Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Consat SES consists of hypermotivated engineers who optimize the way we use Energy. We have come furthest in the field of rebuilding and optimizing property and energyintensive industries. We also develop products when we find there is something missing or when todays product simply do not make the cut. As an example that’s how greywater heatexchanger Geiser® came to life. 2022 we are still wasting valuable heat through the wastewater at the same time as we are debating energy efficiency in different gases in a threeglas window…

Through our work we try to maximize the good we can do, not only for our selves and our customers but for the world and we do so by trying hard to line up with the UNs global sustainable development goals.



Consat SES makes smart and costeffective stably running technical solutions tailored to fit each individual project. Our compass is Sustainability on all levels and our focus areas are:


If we as well as our children are going to continue to live a good life in a functioning world we need to rethink. We need to go from atomized to social and responsible. We need to go from reactive to proactive understanding the consequences of our lifestyle. We need a philosophy of sustainability on all levels, and not only for the today. Consat SES believes in small steps taken by every one of us; doing what you can and starting with the simplest of actions; do the same thing but with less resources…Become more EFFECTIVE!

Consat SES knows ENERGY. We dig where we stand and do everything in our power to contribute to the world we want to live in. Read more about how we have managed to reduce 50% of the energycost for our property-owning customers over and over again.


We go with a strong ideological conviction, focus on the goal, honesty, trust and an almost absurd level of responsibility. We are genuinely who we say we are. Feel free to consult our current customers on this matter…

To be able to take full responsibility we prefer to deliver the hole package from start to completion. (1) Prestudy (promises), (2) Rebuild (getting the job done), (3) Adjustments and calibration/follow up. Then we know that the outcome will be what we promised or better both economically and energy wize.

Sustainability according to Agenda 2030

The UNs general essembly granted a number of global development goals for us to reach a more sustainable and fair world. These goals are set to be met by 2030 and all nations are obliged to contribute to creating the foundation for changing the course of climate change.

In Consat SES we strongly believe in being connected over the globe and thus understanding the importance of social responsibility not only locally but globally. What goes around actually does come around! Our foundation lies in maximizing the output of our efforts toward energy efficiency, awareness and making active choices when using our planets resources. You can read more about our work on sustainability in the article “Winning by doing good”


Consat Group

Engineering house with solid experience of Industry, IT, Energy, Life Science, Vehicles, Automation, Industry 4.0, IoT etc

Innovative technologies in telematics. ITS system for public transport.

Innovative sustainability with solutions in areas such as energy efficiency. Unique projects for real estate and industries.

A complete IT partner with specialist areas in system monitoring, IT operations, cloud services, hosting and telephony.

Tailor-made solutions with innovation as the watchword. Helps with idea production, project management and partnerships.