The vehicle industry is one of our strongest areas. We are involved in the development of light to heavy vehicles in the areas of electronics, software, mechanics, telematics and IT. We develop and sell complete systems for connected vehicle fleets, we develop electrical systems for niche and concept vehicles, we develop electrical and hybrid systems and are very active in research related to autonomous vehicles.

In addition, we develop advanced testing systems for evaluation of active safety systems. Likewise, we develop equipment and installation stations for manufacturing.

We have a unique position with our strong partnerships and are one of the Nordic countries’ leading development companies in the vehicle industry.

Turn-Key Projects

Since the company’s founding in 1986, we have distinguished ourselves by our ability to take on complete and often cross-functional turn-key projects. Customers who turn to Consat usually have difficult problems to solve and are looking for a partner who can and wants to take responsibility.

We value long-term relationships where we can build the domain knowledge required by our customers.

Many of our projects are started as a result of our proactive engagement with our customers and are based on our engineers having relevant domain knowledge.

Cross-functional projects allow our engineers to provide tremendous value while expanding their personal knowledge and competence.

Concept and Preliminary Studies

Consat is often hired to develop innovations into functional solutions and applications. We work in areas where no one has ever been before!

Initially, there are multiple paths of development, and without preliminary studies and conceptual solutions, one can easily be led down the wrong or less efficient path.

We have developed our own methodology for preliminary studies and developing conceptual models and many customers hire us initially solely for this purpose.

Success Through Innovation

Consat is focused on finding innovative solutions that make our customers more competitive and increase their profitability.

For us, innovation is not just about coming up with a good idea or invention. Innovation is about having the courage and strength to realize solutions for hard problems – something we are experts at.

Thanks to lots of experience, fantastic employees, high competence and creativity, we provide unique technical solutions.

Project and Project Management

Consat is your ideal partner in projects, regardless of size and complexity. We offer complete project related solutions either on customer premise or in one of our own offices.

Besides technical expertise, Consat has great and experienced project managers. Our project managers have experience with running projects integrated with our customers’ business or according to our own methodology.

For software development projects, we have teams with extensive experience in agile methodologies.

Methods and Processes

We are continuously evaluating how we work in order to improve our business and our ability to deliver top quality products and services.

For our in-house product development, we follow a proven ISO-certified development process.

Consat has an agile software development process and proven development tools which guarantee that our deliverable meet our customers’ requirements for control and traceability.

We offer our customers agile development teams at their premises or in one of our offices. We are also happy to help customers on the agile journey to improve overall efficiency in software related projects.

Research and Development

Modern vehicles are extremely complex and require expertise in multiple disciplines.

Consat is participating in cutting-edge research projects and sponsoring university thesis research related to vehicles, connected systems and logistics.

Below are a few examples:

  • Consat was responsible for the development of the electrical system and software, including telematics, for Volvo’s first electric car, the C30 Electric.
  • APC in Electricity is a project initiated by Consat where existing surveillance cameras are used to count passengers in public transportation vehicles.
  • Born To Drive is a project in which we use existing autonomous functionality in vehicles to automate and improve logistical efficiency from the point of manufacturing, until they are loaded on-board trailers or ships.
  • GoSmart is a project in which we have done research on the use of collision warning systems in public transportation vehicles for many years. The project evaluated a system from Mobileye for use in hybrid buses and trams in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Volvo Cars and Consat developed a consortium in early 2009 with the goal to develop an electric car. Merely 5 months later, the goal was reached and the first test drive of the C30 Electric took place!

Our role in the project was to develop most of the electrical system, software and a new telematics system for drivers as well as repair shops.
The car was presented at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.
250 vehicles of the first generation were produced as well as 100 of the second generation.


Consat developed the VCM integration software for Volvo Cars’ new SPA platform.

The VCM module, made by Actia, is one of the domain ECUs for the SPA platform and facilitates communication to and from the vehicle.


Consat delivered the BEA electrical multiplex system and custom software for six of Morgan Motors classic models.

The multiplex system is based on a product developed by Volvo and used for vehicles with a lower production volume, such as buses.
The system involves programmable hardware modules which communicate through a CAN interface.
Since all functionality is implemented using software and generic hardware components, it can easily be customized for every customer’s unique requirements.
The system is scalable from one hardware module up to more than 30.

Indigo 3000 R

Consat delivered the BEA electrical multiplex system and custom software for the Swedish sportscar Indigo 3000R ”Signature Series”. Consat also provided expertise for the electric system integration.


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AstaZero is partnering with Consat to develop new test equipment for advanced road safety systems.

With AstaZero, we have developed the world’s most advanced winch system that controls multiple collision targets for use in the auto industry. The winch system is exceptionally powerful and is capable of precise acceleration of targets such as elks and bicyclists to realistic speeds in an exceptionally short amount of time.

The new winch system is enabling tests of next generation active safety systems and autonomous vehicles.

Netgroup Engineering

Consat is one of the founders of Netgroup Engineering, which is strengthening our ability to deliver projects for the automotive industry.

Netgroup Engineering AB was founded in 1999 and is comprised of several technology companies, each with their own niche, which can offer over 1200 consultants to solve all conceivable and inconceivable challenges.

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education in Transport, ICT and Media areas.

Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where industry, academy and public sectors collaborate on research and development projects. Consat is a shareholder of Lindholmen Science Park and has been involved with successful collaborations and innovations for more than 10 years.


Consat and Ericsson have a partnership with focus on ITS for public transportation and smart cities.

Consat Telematics is the largest company in the Nordic countries in this area and, with Ericsson’s aggressive global investment in Networked Society, we combine the strengths of the two companies to take on more and bigger projects.

Volvo Bus Corporation, VBC

Consat and Volvo Buses have since 2005 an enhanced partnership in the development of telematics systems.

Between the two companies, we have telematics systems in most regions of the world. The systems are used to make public transportation better and more effective for operators and authorities.

Customer-based solutions are our signature within the industrial as well as in the vehicle development industry. We are able to assist customers with everything from innovative technologies to complete projects.

We can deliver a wide range of products and services; mechanical construction, electrical integration of new systems on existing platforms, development of new electronics, software and even complete electrical systems for mass-production. We also offer complete telematics systems for built-in ECU, and connectivity to back-end applications with associated services for desktop or mobile applications.

Concept Vehicles

Level of innovation and time to market is essential when developing concept vehicles.

We are unique in our ability to provide new innovative solutions, our competency with electrical integration and our electrical system BEA.

Today’s technology is focused on connected services. In response to the increasing level of importance, we are able to deliver rapid solutions thanks to our telematics platforms.

Military Vehicles

Function, up-time and ease of maintenance are essential for vehicles in the field. With our electrical system BEA as the base, we provide solutions for the most demanding environments.

Many of our systems are used in vehicles designed for air-dropping behind enemy lines. Functionality, reliability and reduction of the number of required parts is fundamental for this type of operation.

Active Safety is one of the automotive industry’s fastest growing areas.

Consat can offer a wide range of services and products: Base Tech software development, system integration, connectivity, and even the development of testing systems for control of targets for vehicle tests.

We have initiated and participated in several research projects in the area and are pioneers in introducing collision warning systems in public transportation vehicles.

We develop and sell connected systems for public transportation where the user interface is an essential part of our deliverable.

As a spin-off to this operation, we have expanded our product offering to also include development of automotive Infotainment systems.

An important part within Infotainment is the interface with mobile devices and the use of telematics with various cloud based services.

Consat has solid competency in the areas of complete telematics systems, interaction design, graphical design of user interfaces, and development of software for embedded applications and mobile devices, including communication with devices via BLE, for example.

Consat is a leading provider of telematics for public transportation. Our systems and deliverable include vehicle systems, back-end and front-end applications, web applications and mobile apps. We have advanced depot systems for version control and “over the air” update of software and parameters.

Our platforms are generic in order to easily be customized for specific IoT applications, such as electric & hybrid vehicles, trucks, or industrial machines.

Well proven and powerful platforms, 24/7 operation, domain knowledge in many industries and several very experienced development teams make Consat a competent partner and provider in telematics and IoT.

We develop advanced embedded systems which improve usability and improve the functionality of products and services.

We handle complete projects or parts of projects, in particular real-time systems.

Much of what we do is related to control and monitoring of technically complex and time-critical systems, both on embedded platforms and in larger environments.


Choosing the best architecture for an embedded electrical system requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, as it involves consideration of hardware, cabling encapsulation, software for hardware components and integration with IT systems.
We have the required expertise and experience in all required disciplines to evaluate the best architecture and to implement the solution, in some cases with the assistance of one of our partners.

We understand that a good fundamental and functional architecture is essential for development of efficient and sustainable code. It is critical that code is easily maintained and that functionality can be added over time. 

We have experience with architecture work in both large and small development projects.

Software Development

Consat has several agile development teams, who specialize in software development for automotive and industrial applications, such as production and monitoring applications. Many of our projects are related to control and monitoring of complex real-time systems, both on embedded platforms and in large environments.

Consat has an agile software development process and proven development tools that guarantee that our deliverable meet our customers’ requirements for control and traceability.

We offer our customers agile development teams at their premises or in one of our offices. We are also happy to help customers on the agile journey to improve overall efficiency in software related projects.

Model Based Development

Model based software development is sometimes preferable for large and complex systems. Model based design is generally platform-independent, reducing the amount of re-engineering and maintenance as hardware generations change. The design is function-based rather than code-based, which makes it easier for team members to understand how the system works.

Model based development produces auto-generated code, which is sometimes less suitable for high performance systems that have great hardware dependency. 

Our architects evaluate all factors at the beginning of a project to determine the best development model.


Consat participated in the establishment of the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) standard which
provides an open and standard software architecture for automotive electronic control units (ECUs). We have implemented several complete stacks based on the standard since its establishment.

We have well established partnerships with AUTOSAR product component manufacturers and can advise our customers to make the right choices.


We develop analog as well as digital products.

We can undertake complete projects or provide whatever resources you may need.  With our manufacturing partners, we can offer everything from prototypes to mass production.

Communication Buses

Data communication can be done using an abundance of hardware, techniques and protocols. Consat has extensive experience with industrial field buses, automotive communication buses, and high speed IT communication networks.

We are a comprehensive provider of services in this area, from concept to implementation.

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BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is advantageous for applications that require wireless monitoring and communication.

To meet an increasing demand from our customers, we have developed a platform which can be utilized as a base for new customer projects. 

Electronics Lab

For efficient development, it is important to have access to a test environment. This is why we have invested in our own electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected laboratory with measuring and soldering equipment.

Multiplex systems use a method by which multiple message signals are combined into one signal and transmitted over a single cable. Conventional systems use dedicated cables for every function in a vehicle.

Multiplex systems provide a significant reduction of the number of installations and cables required in a vehicle. It also facilitates communication between different subsystems to enable intelligent, custom functions in the vehicle.

BEA Multiplex System
Consat offers solutions based on Volvo’s BEA Multiplex System. Volvo uses the system for vehicles with low production volume, such as buses. The system is utilizing programmable hardware components which communicate using a CAN interface. All functionality is implemented using software and generic hardware components that allow them to be easily customized based on your requirements.

Our multiplex solutions allow your company to realize desired functionality while reducing development time. Consat has experience with implementing the system in both concept vehicles and vehicles for serial production.

If you have questions or are interested in a system solution, please contact:

Jonas Williamsson

P: +46 31 - 340 00 18

Consat has over 30 years experience with mechanical construction for the auto industry. The focus is on advanced concepts, test equipment and equipment for production.

We are able to deliver turn-key solutions on our own or in cooperation with our partners.

Product Development

Our most wide-ranging service offering may be in the area of product development. 

We assist customers to develop new products or improve already existing products to fulfill new requirements, standards or revised needs.

We construct products in all shapes and materials. Cast steel, plastics, sheet metal, aluminum and stainless steel are examples of materials we work with everyday. We work with all major CAD tools, based on customer requirements and complexity of the design. 

We usually participate in all phases, from concept and design to creation of a prototype, testing and finally delivery and implementation of complete serial production tools. Development can be done at customer premises or in one of our offices.

Lightweight Construction

Weight is an essential factor for performance and low fuel consumption.

With carbon-based composite materials, it is possible to create products that are both incredibly strong and light.

Consat has an in-depth collaboration with several companies which develop new carbon fiber weaving techniques.

In cooperation with Professor Nandan Khokar, Consat has assisted in the development of weaving machines for Oxeon TeXtreme carbon fiber weave as well as machines that can weave carbon fiber in three dimensions for solid blocks and beams.


Realizing our solutions as physical prototypes is invaluable for testing and provide valuable feedback to the continued development work. We develop prototypes with the help of manufacturers in a well-established network.

Our customers demand high quality and on-time delivery.

There are requirements for transparency throughout the design and development process and we provide final reports of testing and implementation.

We are measured not only by our ability to deliver a quality product but also by how we provide assurance throughout the development process.

Our objective is to not only meet but to exceed customer expectations and requirements. For this purpose we have an established agile based quality assurance process for all in-house development.

We continuously monitor quality and regularly revise our methods and processes to ensure consistent quality.

Consat has over 30 years of experience with mechanical construction for the auto industry. We focus on advanced concepts, test equipment and equipment for production.

We are able to deliver turn-key solutions on our own or in cooperation with our partners.

Production Equipment

Consat is a complete provider of industrial tools and equipment. In cooperation with our partners, we develop, manufacture and deliver equipment such as lift tools, fixtures, semi-automated and fully-automated facilities.

We have our own assembly workshops in Partille and Stockholm, Sweden. This gives us the ability to test and verify all equipment that we deliver. Our projects include requirements gathering, concept development, construction (mechanical and electrical), automation technique (PLC and robotics), manufacturing, testing/verification, assembly, documentation and CE marking. We have solid experience in all fields.

Tools and Fixtures

One of our areas of expertise is developing and delivering assembly equipment for manual as well as automated work stations. Our deliverable can span all areas from analysis of required steps, tool and fixture design including complete specialty machines to complete serial production. Serial production deliverable would include documentation, risk analysis, test/verification, CE marking and parts management.

Concept Workshop

We have a concept workshop at our headquarters in Partille, Sweden where we test complete production lines and specialty machines.

At our office in Stockholm, we have a concept workshop for mounting and testing of tools and fixtures.

Having direct access to concept workshops at our development centers enables shorter development lead-times and better solutions.

Our comprehensive information and management system for public transportation is developed and marketed by the subsidiary Consat Telematics AB.

Consat has been developing the system since the end of the 1980’s. The system is a leader in both functionality and reliability.

In close cooperation with our ever growing base of customers, we constantly expand and improve one of the world’s best telematics solutions for public transportation.

In addition to regular public transportation vehicles such as buses, trams and ferries, our system can manage snow plows, waste management and other service vehicles in a modern city. No competitor has this capability.

We offer turn-key solutions for real-time monitoring of the fleet, voice and text communications, driver assist for all types of vehicles, reliable forecasts, information to passengers, statistical analysis for efficiency improvements, and a large number of interfaces for information exchange with systems and vehicles.

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