Career Companies 2018

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Consat is part of a unique club, having now been appointed as one of Sweden’s 100 most interesting Career Companies for the sixth consecutive year.

The jury’s motivation for Consat’s selection as a Career Company in 2018 is as follow: “With a quality-oriented and extended experience and knowledge, Consat is implementing its work with employer branding in several areas of expertise. By putting the focus on its employees and appealing to potential employees through its incredible commitment, Consat AB is hereby appointed as a one of Sweden’s Career Companies 2008.”

“It’s very exciting and, above all, it shows our true ambition and clear goal of being at the forefront as an attractive workplace and to keep developing in the right direction. Consat is our employees, and we achieve our success by working together, because there’s nothing more exhilarating than winning together”, says a thrilled Martin Wahlgren, CEO of Consat AB.

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