Partnership and Networks

Product and system development in industries are complex areas that require expertise of many different kinds. Thanks to close and long-standing cooperation in networks complementing Consat’s own competence, we can undertake both large and complex assignments.


To strengthen our supply to the automotive industry, Consat co-founded Netgroup Engineering AB in 1999.

Netgroup is a network company consisting of several niche technology companies. Netgroup focuses on the automotive industry and offers over 1,200 consultants to solve every conceivable – and unthinkable – challenge our customers have.

Volvo Buses

Consat and Volvo Buss AB have had a deep partnership in the development of telematics systems since 2005.

Together, we have telematics systems in most parts of the world. The systems are used to improve and streamline public transportation for both bus operators and traffic principalities.

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaboration environment for research, innovation and education within Transport, ICT and Media.

Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where actors from industry, academia and society can together run large research and development projects. Consat has been one of Lindholmen Science Park’s partners for more than 10 years, and we have been involved in creating successful collaborations and innovations.

CSR West Sweden

Sweden’s largest sector crossing
sustainability network. CSR helps businesses develop long-term and value-creating sustainability work. The association’s vision is a West Sweden where all businesses take responsibility and make a difference for the world.

Membership in CSR Västsverige requires a declaration of intent where you as a business stand behind the vision and the five principles:

  • Understand and take responsibility for your impact on society, the environment and people
  • Integrate sustainability into core operations
  • Share experiences to inspire and be inspired
  • Work together for a more resource-efficient and sustainable society
  • Contribute to Agenda 2030’s implementation

CSR West Sweden | Network for Sustainable Business Development (

IFS Foundation

The Foundation for International Entrepreneurs in Sweden, IFS, has been supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with a foreign background to start, run and develop businesses since 1996. The foundation also works to ensure favorable conditions for entrepreneurship and initiates activities to create networks between entrepreneurs with a foreign background and companies and organizations in Sweden.

About H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Newbuilder of the Year award

One of Sweden’s most honorable awards for entrepreneurs with a foreign background. The award has been presented since 1999 and since 2000 H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf patron of the award. The prize is awarded annually at the Royal Palace by King Carl XVI Gustaf. The award will highlight and honor enterprising individuals with a foreign background in Sweden and outstanding role models. With the Prize, we want to show that it is possible to succeed in Sweden, reduce the experience of exclusion and demonstrate the value these contribute to our society.

Consat is a proud partner of the IFS Foundation.

Sweden India Business Council

The Sweden India Business Council (SIBC) is the primary knowledge council between Sweden and India. We focus on people,by increasing decision making knowledge and understanding to do better business by engaging in deeper dialogues. SIBC runs executive roundtables and workshops for startups, SMEs, large enterprises and public institutions. Since 2005 over 500 events have been successfully executed promoting business with a focus on modern India. SIBC is also the Secretariat on the Swedish side for the “India Sweden Business Leaders Forum” (CEO Forum), co-chaired by Marcus Wallenberg and overseen by both Prime Ministers. SIBC was established in May 2003 and is a membership run organization, with members ranging from large companies to SME’s.

Our members are all in different stages of establishment and business development.They are in India with manufacturing and sales, or thinking about establishing in India, selling from Sweden through distributors, which is the largest group, or have an interest of what is going on in India. They are small, medium, and large which makes the membership base very broad and diverse.

Sweden-India Business Council (