Partnership and Networks

Product and system development in industries are complex areas that require expertise of many different kinds. Thanks to close and long-standing cooperation in networks complementing Consat’s own competence, we can undertake both large and complex assignments.


To strengthen our supply to the automotive industry, Consat co-founded Netgroup Engineering AB in 1999.

Netgroup is a network company consisting of several niche technology companies. Netgroup focuses on the automotive industry and offers over 1,200 consultants to solve every conceivable – and unthinkable – challenge our customers have.

Volvo Buses

Consat and Volvo Buss AB have had a deep partnership in the development of telematics systems since 2005.

Together, we have telematics systems in most parts of the world. The systems are used to improve and streamline public transportation for both bus operators and traffic principalities.

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaboration environment for research, innovation and education within Transport, ICT and Media.

Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where actors from industry, academia and society can together run large research and development projects. Consat has been one of Lindholmen Science Park’s partners for more than 10 years, and we have been involved in creating successful collaborations and innovations.