As society evolves, higher demands are placed on us engineers. Disciplines are cross-fertilized and a dynamic approach is required to be able to create an equally dynamic society, which is exactly where we are headed.

Engineers with a broad skills set

Consat Engineering is the engineering company that has a passionate interest in technology. With us, committed engineers work with broad expertise in areas such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, AI, IT, IoT and Life Science.

We offer products within product development, where you can choose to work with our engineers based on your needs. Depending on the scope of the project, we can offer both consulting services and comprehensive pre studies as well as in-house projects. In addition, we have the capacity to carry out projects in our own workshops. Our engineers have a solid knowledge and broad experience of extensive projects. Therefore, you can be confident when choosing Consat Engineering as your next main partner.

three men holing a charging cable

Engineers for your next project

Our engineers are involved throughout the process, from pre study to the implementation of your next project. We work with a large variety of projects that need different levels of competence. With the help of our mechanical engineers, you can go from idea to a finished product regardless of the complexity of the project description.

At Consat Engineering, people work dedicated to their profession and do their utmost to develop the best solution for our partners. We are constantly looking for new skills, feel free to visit our career page to see all our vacancies.


Consat Engineering works with sustainability. These can be projects in water purification, efficient energy use and alternative energy sources. Our engineers work i.a. with multiplex systems and vision systems that streamline and improve the work of many people around the world.


Our passion for technology and the desire to develop within our areas of expertise make us a secure partner. Working with innovation that leaves a minimal environmental footprint is one of our main mottos. Read more about our areas of expertise.


At Consat Engineering, we focus on our in-house operations and our engineers work together with the rest of the team in cross-functional projects. This means that you take help from each other’s competencies and are encouraged to collaborate across technology boundaries. Contact one of our engineering specialists to find a suitable solution for your next project.

Fun Fact

Consat Engineering has built over 400 custom made production equipments in our workshop in Stockholm!

Consat Group

Engineering house with solid experience of Industry, IT, Energy, Life Science, Vehicles, Automation, Industry 4.0, IoT etc

Innovative technologies in telematics. ITS system for public transport.

Innovative sustainability with solutions in areas such as energy efficiency. Unique projects for real estate and industries.

A complete IT partner with specialist areas in system monitoring, IT operations, cloud services, hosting and telephony.

Tailor-made solutions with innovation as the watchword. Helps with idea production, project management and partnerships.