Delivering impact leveraging Digitalization, Mobility, Automation and Electrification

Consat Advisory facilitates cross-industry innovation

Future pioneers in telematics and electrification

Since 1986, we’ve had the privilege to dedicate ourselves to what we love most – making a real difference for people worldwide through technical innovation. Our journey began by setting a new standard for connectivity and evolved into playing a crucial role in the electrification of the automotive industry ecosystem. Today, we take pride in guiding both startups and established companies in mobility and electrification through our advisory services.

Skilled in smart product development and production

At Consat, we’re also leading in smart products and smart production. The latest legislation on sustainability, safety and production emphasises the increasing need for companies to not only optimise but also monitor, report, and improve within these areas. Consat Advisory guides companies on the journey from product to service with all necessary adaptations. In production, we leverage new technologies alongside mechanical expertise to ensure efficient operations – while ensuring data is utilised for optimisation, preventive work and proactive maintenance.

About Consat Advisory – technical innovation combined with business strategy

Innovation driven by technology has been our core since the mid-80s. Yet, technology is just one piece of the puzzle – integration with business strategy is crucial for lasting impact. Success emerges when technical and business innovations go hand in hand.

  • Composition of expert team: A blend of seasoned professionals and energetic new talents, all passionate about specific technology areas and united by high-quality business thinking.
  • Core services: 
    • Business transformation: Navigating companies through the changing landscape of digital technology.
    • Strategic advisory: Offering actionable strategies for long-term success.
  • Special areas: Our guidance extends across the development of digitisation, automation, mobility, and electrification with the aim of creating new business opportunities for our clients.


Consat Advisory enables industries to embrace and fully benefit from advancements in digitisation, automation, mobility, and electrification. Our advisory is comprehensive, supporting clients from inception throughout the journey. We often start by identifying a challenge and proceed with strategy development and implementation of measurable activities, always in close collaboration with the client’s team. Our versatility allows us to offer both holistic solutions and targeted advice to refine and enhance ongoing transformations.


Our foundation rests on a commitment to a greener world – a vision our founders had that continues to inspire us. We believe progress in smart transportation, cities and production is crucial for a sustainable society. Combined with the conviction that joy and collaboration are essential for success, the vision propels us forward as we tackle new challenges.


Consat Advisory comprises both experienced experts and ambitious newcomers, all dedicated to technical and business acumen. Our success is deeply rooted in our human-centered approach. Supported by an extensive network of partners with deep domain expertise, our focus is on delivering personalised, impactful advisory services.

Be a Doer!

Join us in the pursuit of creating a sustainable and efficient future where technology is a vital enabler. Whether you’re an experienced expert or a fresh talent, we welcome individuals passionate about driving positive change. Welcome to be part of Consat Advisory – a catalyst for innovation where we collectively shape the future of companies and communities.


Mikael Lindholm

Consat Advisory

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