Consat Launches Innovation Company

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Within the Consat-Group we have, as known,a passion for technology. As a result of this we can’t hold our selves from taking things a few steps further. Occasionally we go so far as starting new product- or specialist subsidiaries. One example is our Consat Telematics that we now proudly can say is a world leading company within ITS for public transport. Another is Consat SES that has brought a whole new way of working with energy into the branch of property management.

“We have realized that we are quite good at the actual process of innovation so we thought; why not take this process a few steps further” says Martin Wahlgren CEO of Consat AB.

Emil Brandt, who will be the head of this new enterprise, comes from a leading position at Consat Engineering and has a long track record of helping Consat customers from idea to commercial viability.

“That sounds complicated; talk to Consat” is a quote that quite well illustrates our position in the market. We have a history of operating in the core of our customers business which says something of how we handle trust. With this said, It feels like a very natural step to give our ability to find new products, methods or new ways to cooperate; it’s own commercial space – says an enthusiastic Emil Brandt.


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