Consat launches new IoT platform – “wants to support our customers’ digital transformation journey”

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On March 1, the market-leading engineering company Consat Engineering AB presented its new IoT platform Consat Next. The end-to-end platform offers tailor-made solutions with a capacity for continuous integration and implementation for its digital products. “Through Next, customers can start their digital journey at a reasonable pace. You don’t have to solve all the world’s problems at once, but start simple and gather valuable insights,” says Pär Forsberg, Head of IoT and Electrification at Consat.
User Management, Rule Engine and Service Components these are some of the many features that Conat’s new IoT platform offers. With over 35 years of experience in embedded software, domain, IT, cloud and IoT, Consat has designed its new platform to offer exactly what the individual customer needs. Next makes it possible to connect their devices and view their real-time data through a web dashboard. With the collected data as a starting point, you can then manage scalability and apply artificial intelligence, among other things. What makes the platform particularly unique is the speed and efficiency, namely the platform can be used and generate results over a time span of four to six weeks. “Through our platform, you don’t have to start from scratch every time, but we can quickly build the functionality that customers need to solve the various business problems they are experiencing,”
says Pär Forsberg and continues: “It’s really cool that we as a company have the opportunity to tie the bag together for the industry. We have the full breadth of knowledge to connect products and help transform customers in their digitalization journey, our goal is to constantly work closely with our customers and support them along the way.
With the customer in focus
In the development of Consat Next, the goal has been to have an agile approach to customer challenges, this by, among other things, offering a rapid prototype production (Minimal Viable Product scope (MVP). The aim is to constantly maintain transparency in customer contact and build a relationship with a long-term perspective from the beginning. Despite the fact that the platform was launched two weeks ago, it has been piloted on clients before the launch with good results. Now Consat is looking forward to helping more customers on their digitalization journey. “We can do it in a simple way, we have the tools, the abilities and the experience. By letting us stand for digital, our customers can focus on what they do best while we make their lives a little easier, concludes Pär Forsberg.
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