Consat strengthens delivery capability through joint venture with Indian leading company

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Consat and Indian Orahi form the joint venture Consat Orahi. As a result, the Swedish engineering group strengthens its offering in areas such as the internet of things.

“This is a Joint Venture where excellence and good corporate culture are united,” says Ragnar Hallgren, Vice President of Consat Engineering.

Together with Orahi, Consat is strengthening its offering to the Swedish market at a time when digitalisation is enabling increasingly advanced solutions. With the joint venture Consat Orahi, Consat can ensure a stable access to expertise that consolidates the company’s position as one of the leading engineering companies in Sweden.

“Orahi delivers important competences in the internet of things. We also see how electrification and digitalisation require more and more of both embedded development and system development in IT. These are competences that we want to have access to even more in order to be able to take more project commitments in the field,” says Pär Forsberg, Manager IoT & Electrification at Consat Engineering.

Long experience of Sweden

Orahi, which has its operations in Gurgaon just southwest of the capital region of Delhi, has extensive experience of Sweden and Swedish corporate culture. Both employees and management have backgrounds at large Swedish companies. Consat has had a project-based collaboration with Orahi for over a year.

“The work has included the development of Consat’s new IoT platform, NxT. With it, customers can easily start their digital journey, focus on their business needs and create insights, while we manage the technical parts around device connectivity, data management and smart applications. We have built a number of customer solutions on the platform. Among other things, a system for the operation and maintenance of vehicle chargers and one for predictive maintenance on mobile cooling systems,” says Pär Forsberg.

Securing skills needs

With the Joint Venture, the cooperation is formalized, which guarantees complete deliveries to the market with both security and cutting-edge expertise even in large, development-heavy projects.

“This is a complement to make our customers feel confident that the skills need has been met. The skills situation is extremely strained in Sweden. Through Consat Orahi, we strengthen our delivery capabilities even in the most demanding projects. Orahi also has with their knowledge of the Swedish market a corporate culture that is similar to our own,” says Ragnar Hallgren, Vice President of Consat Engineering.

Culture where people can grow

A long-term perspective and a working environment where competence can grow and be utilised is central to the Joint Venture. Common core values have therefore been crucial from the start for a functioning collaboration,” emphasises Ragnar Hallgren.

“Consat has a clear corporate culture that we are careful about. It’s about having a good atmosphere, flat organization and high ceilings so that people can develop. We will continue to build that culture on Consat Orahi in India,” says Ragnar Hallgren.

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