Consat Telematics Wins a Prestigious Business Opportunity in Sydney

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This past summer, Transport for New South Wales awarded Consat Telematics AB with the contract for an ITS solution, including a SIRI Broker, which will link together all public transport operators throughout the state of New South Wales, including the city of Sydney. Operators for busses, trains, ferries, subways and tramways will all be connected so they can exchange their real-time information, to the benefit of all public transport passengers!

The project began week.39 – 2018 and will take several years to gradually connect all the operators.

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“Putting ourselves out there and being chosen by a world city like Sydney for such a central delivery definitely puts us on the map as one of the ITS leaders. This project gives us a unique opportunity to also assist the involved operators with a complete ITS solution.

I am greatly impressed by the teamwork that went into our success in Australia. More doors are now opening to us in Australia as a result from last year’s successful B-Line project in Sydney and the award of this project in the whole state of New South Wales”

Says a happy and proud Thomas Ottosson, CEO of Consat Telematics AB.

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