Employee profile: Niklas Sundins Consat Journey!

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Why Niklas Sundin has been with Consat for 17 years: a workplace you never tire of

Niklas Sundin started his career at Consat Engineering in the spring of 2004, as a Software Developer. He’s occupied several roles in the company ever since; today, he has a leadership-oriented role and bears the overarching responsibility in larger projects.
During my time here, I’ve continuously developed as a person and have had the opportunity to expand my skills. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve stayed all this time,” Consultant Niklas Sundin explains.

In 2001, Niklas Sundin graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a degree in Automation and Mechatronics. Three years later, he joined Consat, where he has remained to this day. As Consat straddles a wide range of fields, from the vehicle industry to manufacturing, IT and life sciences, Sundin has had many opportunities at the tech company – something he’s made good use of in his different positions.

“As my career at Consat progressed, I began to specialise in vehicle manufacturing. I’ve always had the opportunity to use experience from previous projects in new projects,” Sundin says before continuing:

“When I first joined the company in 2004, I did so at the level of Junior Developer. As the years went by, I became a Senior Lead and began having more responsibility. I now work with more overarching issues and on more comprehensive projects, which is great.”

A highly diverse job, now and in the future
A lot has happened at Consat since Sundin joined the company 17 years ago. Sundin himself has developed and run projects in infotainment, communication and electrification, among other fields. For a couple of years, he set up and managed inhouse operations at Connected as Project Manager. Sundin has spent the past few years focusing on active safety and autonomous driving at Consat’s client Zenseact. During the spring of 2020, all of Consat’s departments began to work from home because of the pandemic. Sundin feels the new, remote way of working has pros and cons; he believes the future will see employees working in all kinds of different ways – a reality clients are drafting new policies for right now. Employees will probably retain a say over whether or not they want to work from home or at the office (Covid restrictions permitting).

“The social aspect has been harder to maintain as we’ve worked remotely, but there have been advantages to the situation as well. Digital tools have improved significantly, and there hasn’t been any drop in development as our teams have had to adjust. I believe autumn will find us working in a hybrid ways. I personally prefer working remotely part of the time. I’ve always had good relationships with my colleagues and managers at Consat. The company feels a bit like a family, which I think is unusual in this sector.

Consat has humane values and its work is founded on long-term relationships and partnerships, with clients and employees alike. I hope Consat will continue walking that path in the future,” Niklas Sundin concludes.

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