Fueling Innovation
Across the Spectrum

Innovation – where does it come from?

Innovation can not be created without acceptance of failure. Ideas must be tested. It comes from people, not from systems. Innovation needs to be separated from delivery projects. If the innovation is born within a delivery project – Define a method to move it outside.

Innovation comes in many forms and shapes. For innovation to take place it needs fuel. There are many types of fuel that drives innovation, here are some examples:

  • A problem
  • A difficulty
  • A need
  • Knowledge about details
  • Knowledge about the complete system
  • A creative mind
  • A creative environment
  • Time and focus
  • No fear of failing 
  • Curiosity and interest

Remember You cannot force innovation, you need to attract innovation.


To create a business that improves the quality of work, life, and environment.

We believe innovation thrives on diversity and requires a catalyst. Our mission is to foster a business ecosystem that elevates the quality of work, life, and the environment.


”Open Innovation” where we co-finance/contribute for royalty/part ownership.

Innovations that fit the customer’s existing portfolio.

Troubleshooting and execution of development projects within innovation.

Therapy for those who got stuck in innovation or sales/applications for new products and/or production.

Initiate joint ventures/network companies to merge company strengths to generate advantage, value, and profit. Unusual, but effective.


Approach companies with complete sales- and distribution channels with new products & Ideas.

Create new companies in collaboration with selected partners based on Consat or partner ideas & innovation.

Help inventors and companies to find applications/customers for their innovations & products through co-owning or sales license.

Offer complete development projects where part of the payment is co-ownership or royalty.

We are curious, technology- and sales-driven, innovative, and open for collaboration.

Innovation, so what is the problem?

Many companies are still organized with a rigid hierarchy and with complex systems for control. These models rarely support innovation.
Many times is set goals on everyday projects counteracting with the innovation goals. To few see the over-all picture.
Many have forgot the importance of collaboration.
To few have a work environment that embrace failure as a way of learning.

Where to start​

See the complete picture – It is common that set goals for different departments is counteracting.

Set clear goals – and be prepared to adjust them to reality.

Be sure to set apart the goal and the result.

Early anchoring and rejection – If it´s not good enough, stop.

Collaborate and respect each others knowledge – On all levels, but start at the top.

Use flexible work methods in the beginning and gradually tighten it up towards focus on delivery.

Stop seeing failure as a failure.

Take out the blame and bring in the trust. 


Emil Brandt

Consat Innovation Partner

Tel: +46 31-340 00 17
Mail: emil.brandt@consat.se