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Product: BEA - Multiplex System

Multiplex system is an electrical system based on the principle of collecting several signals and transmitting them on a single cable. Conventional electrical systems use dedicated electrical installations for every function in a vehicle.

Multiplex system enables a strong reduction in the amount of electrical installations and cables in different vehicles. In addition, separate subsystems can communicate with each other to achieve well-thought-out, personalized functions in the vehicle.

Consat offers multiplex solutions that are based on AB Volvo’s multiplex system BEA. Volvo uses this system in its production of lower volume vehicles such as buses. The system uses programmable hardware modules that communicate with each other through a CAN interface. Because all functionality is realized in software with generic hardware components, they can be easily adapted to your special needs and desires.

Consat’s multiplex solutions help you realize the electrical functions that your design group wants, while reducing the development time for the entire electrical system. Consat has experience of using this system in both production vehicles and concept cars.

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