Integrating public transport for a smoother tomorrow

Our Solution reaches all actors involved in the transit industry. It is scalable in size and in feature sets. It is currently running in systems with single-digit vehicles and others with a few thousands. Features-wise, some systems run a basic backend system while others run the full suite with control centre applications, operator assistance display, passenger information displays, next stop announcement, customer support, passenger counter and so forth.

The Solution is currently running on buses, light-rail, tramways and ferries, sometimes all in the same transit system.

Traffic Management

– Modernised Traffic Management 

Our traffic management system is a flexible multi-purpose solution for traffic roles and fleet management, streamlines operations with centralised reporting, and provides real-time passenger and driver information. 

Contribute to a Safer and More Efficient Transportation System 

With zone management and real-time information displays, our Traffic Management solution increases safety, reduces noise nuisance, and lowers fuel/energy consumption. As a flexible multi-purpose solution, it can be customised to fit your needs, allowing you to adapt to changing traffic situations quickly. 

Enhance Passenger and Driver Experience 

Our pre-integrated Smart Transit System provides real-time information to passengers and drivers, such as next stops, traffic situations, passenger occupancy, vehicle positioning, and timetable deviations. The user-friendly interface monitors occupancy, handles disturbances, and provides communication between drivers, passengers, and traffic controllers. By using our in-house design, you can avoid third-party dependency headaches and provide a reliable experience to your customers. 

Streamline Traffic Operations  

Our centralised Traffic Management system simplifies traffic management by combining all essential functions into one central system. With statistical reports and dashboards, real-time data integration platform that supports multiple APIs, protocols and formats, and low data usage, our solution can be installed on-premise, in a datacenter, or the cloud. With everything in one place, you can easily oversee traffic operations and make informed decisions. 

Fleet Management

– Efficient Fleet Operations 

Our Fleet Management solution transforms raw vehicle data into valuable insights presented in easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. This helps to make smarter decisions based on one single source of information with real-time data. 

Streamline Operations with Innovative Integrations 

With our web-based application and third-party integrations, fleet management becomes easy. The vehicle computer sends signals and parameters to the back office, where they can be easily viewed. Our fleet management solution integrates with third-party services and charging infrastructures, ensuring hassle-free fleet management. 

Boost Efficiency with Multiplex Solutions 

Combine data from vehicles with public transport solutions, helping you to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By implementing different body multiplex solutions (BEA, Elsy, Actia protocol) closer to the data source, you can  integrate all vehicle data including key parameters like energy consumption based on line, block or trip.   

Uncover Valuable Insights and Stay Competitive 

Stay ahead of the competition with our data insights. Our customised reports help you extract value and insights from your collected vehicle data, providing you with the relevant information you need to increase efficiency, lower costs, and better prepare for future contracts. 


– A Smooth Transition To Electromobility 

We provide solutions for zero emission vehicles, reducing range anxiety, increasing efficiency and reducing costs with real-time control and data analysis. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective Transition 

Control your costs and energy consumption during the transition to electric vehicles. Save money with our innovative system that monitors e-fleet performance, optimises charging operations, calculates route costs, and extends battery life by charging at optimal temperature under optimal conditions. 

Maximising Performance and Efficiency with Real-Time Data 

Get detailed operational data and analysis for your electric vehicles to increase their performance and efficiency. Our innovative technology gives you access to real-time data and analysis, enabling frequent quality changes and optimization of operations to ensure maximum efficiency.  

Scalable and Flexible Multibrand Solution  

Real-time monitoring of your fleet is critical to your success. With our multibrand system, you can monitor bus status, charging processes, and remaining range solutions – preventing safety hazards and minimising the risk of asset loss due to fires or other potential issues. It is flexible and scalable, and eliminates the need to manage multiple solutions and vendors. No vendor lock-in ensures that you have the freedom to choose the best solutions for your business. 

Passenger Information

– A Connected Travel Experience 

We provide updated passenger information through multiple channels with a fully integrated, scalable, and cost-efficient system. The system is hardware-independent and imports operator traffic data for keeping passengers updated about actual departure and arrival times anywhere and anytime. 

Real-time Passenger Information Made Easy 

Improve the travel experience with our comprehensive passenger information system. Enjoy the flexibility and cost savings of selecting your preferred hardware from any supplier, while still receiving real-time information at stops, on-board, and online.  

Accurate and Scalable Passenger Information 

Our solution ensures accurate and reliable information for passengers, and can be scaled and customised to fit your needs. Start with stop-point information and upgrade to on-board and web/app as needed, or seamlessly integrate with existing hardware. 

Simplify Your Passenger Information Systems 

Offer your passengers real-time information across multiple channels and enjoy full support from one vendor. Save time and effort by using our fully tested and updated system, with powerful data import/export capabilities through our integration platform. 

Passenger Counting

– Optimising Passenger Data 

Our planning tool passenger counting helps with real-time passenger occupancy and multidimensional reports to improve route efficiency, fuel and energy consumption, control destination signs and detect fare evasion. 

Optimised Route Efficiency 

Integrate passenger counts with traffic data to optimise passenger capacity during operations, making journeys faster, smoother, and more reliable. This provides a greater understanding of passenger movements and trends, resulting in improved route efficiency. 

Reduced Fare Evasion and Improved Work Environment 

Monitor and reduce fare evasion by comparing passenger counts and fare collection data. Real-time occupancy information is provided to passengers, drivers, and operation control centres through one open interface, increasing the driver’s sense of control, reducing stress, and creating a better work environment. 

Improved Operational Control 

Our system provides multidimensional reporting, allowing you to effectively analyse and optimise passenger capacity. We offer a flexible, best-fit solution that integrates with multiple brands and technologies, allowing customization based on specific use cases. Our team’s deep understanding of the product and industry ensures the best support. 

On-board Solutions

– Seamless On-board Experiences 

We provide reliable on-board solutions with low energy consumption, mobile connectivity, real-time information and remote configuration. The Consat vehicle computer is the core of the solution, offering stable hardware and software platforms for consistent performance. 

Efficient and Trustworthy On-Board Solutions 

Our on-board solutions are easy to use and manage, with reliable communication and data transfer. The low energy consumption reduces operating costs and extends the lifespan, making it ideal for a broad range of vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles as well as for easy installation in smaller spaces.  

Comprehensive Vehicle Control and Real-Time Data 

Get a comprehensive overview of your vehicle’s on-board systems and real-time data, and make informed decisions. The stable hardware and software platforms offer consistent performance, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs. They connect your vehicle to the control centre and back office for real-time data with remote software updates available. 

Seamless Integration and Wide Accessibility 

Enjoy easy installation and maintenance with seamless hardware integration, eliminating the need for multiple devices. The Consat vehicle computer, the core of our on-board solutions, supports multiple hardware interfaces and data types, making data transfer and analysis flexible. Our global presence and installation in key cities make the Consat vehicle computer widely accessible.

Data Services

– Data-driven Expertise 

Our data services offer a cost-effective, all-in-one solution with customised data overviews and support from experienced professionals for transit service planning, operations, and analytics. 

Make Smarter Decisions with an All-in-One Solution 

Gain actionable insights and data-driven guidance with streamlined data and organisation management. Our cost-effective solution eliminates the need for external consultants for data analysis, report generation and planning, allowing for more efficient decision-making.  

Take Control of Your Transit System 

Get increased control and access to the data that is most important to you, leading to a greater sense of ownership over your transit system. Our flexible and fast solution adapts to your specific needs and preferences through customizable dashboards, presenting data in a clear and organised format. 

Make Informed Decisions with Expert Support 

With our data services, you can be sure that the data provided is accurate and relevant, helping you to make more informed and effective decisions. Our team of professionals with experience from operations world-wide provides support for contract management and transit service planning, operations, and deep dive analytics, ensuring you have access to the expertise you need. 

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