Few industries are growing at such a rapid pace as digital. What seemed like science fiction yesterday is reality today. Whatever the future, you need to be sure that your systems will work. Let us give you a glimpse of a seamless digital future.

About Us

A complete IT partner and supplier of smart IT solutions.

Consat Data was started in 1997 and has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö. We are the medium-sized company that has the knowledge and experience to produce large, complex solutions while being flexible enough to take on smaller assignments. We started as an internal support organization within the Consat group, and thanks to this have been able to refine our IT range to fit and be adapted to small to large customers. At Consat Data, we place great emphasis on offering business-related services and creating a lasting partnership with our customers.

We focus on being able to deliver a complete range of IT services. This is to act as an internal IT department, where we keep your total IT environment in order.

Our lead words are: responsible, responsive, service-oriented and efficient.


Our teams of responsible technicians and consultants deliver according to the Customer Success Principle, which means proactive IT support and IT operations to you as a customer. Our success is based entirely on the results we help your business achieve.


At Consat you get a complete IT partner and supplier of smart IT services and IT operations / environments. Regardless of your business, your current situation and future needs, we meet your wishes and needs optimized for today’s society and our many years of expertise. 


We take overall responsibility for your IT environment through the offer of services optimized for our digital age. Maintaining a safe and secure IT environment without compromising on quality, efficiency, productivity and profitability within the company should not be difficult. With Consat’s experience and expertise, we are ready to adapt our help to the needs of your business. 

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