Consat has implemented systems in Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Middle-East and Africa. We take pride in longevity and backward compatibility so even our first generation of vehicle computers can be updated and run the core functionality.

Our projects never end with the go-live phase. We started in Gothenburg in 1989 and we are still installing computers with an expected service-life until 2032.

A few of our references are listed below for your enjoyment.

Ventura, PTO

Melbourne, Australia

Ventura partnered with Consat Telematics to implement the “Push To Communicate” project, enhancing communication and operational efficiency for their fleet of 600 buses. This collaboration resulted in improved safety, real-time passenger information, and seamless fleet management.

Västtrafik, PTA

Västra Götaland County, Sweden

We have been delivering systems to Västtrafik since the late 90’s. VT has been our first customer, and thanks to this tight and long-term collaboration, we have been able to develop our solutions over the years.
Västtrafik is the second largest public transport authority in Sweden.

Länstrafiken Västerbotten, PTA

Västerbotten County, Sweden

Consat is proud of delivering a turn-key solution to the county of Västerbotten in Northern Sweden despite the challenges brought by the pandemic in 2020.

Agder kollektivtrafikk, PTA

Agder County, Norway

AKT was our second customer in Norway, coming only a few months after Skyss.
Agder was our first Norwegian customer to have APC on all their vehicles.

Skyss, PTA

Vestland County, Norway

Skyss was our first customer in Norway with a full turn-key solution.
Skyss is the second largest public transport authority in Norway.

Transport for New South Wales, PTA

State of New South Wales, Australia

TfNSW was the beginning of our Australian adventures with the B-Line project in 2017. We have since expanded our collaboration with their ICM program and the Transport Connected Bus program over the regional and rural areas of New South Wales.

Association de Transport Urbain du Québec

Organisation of 10 Québec PTAs, Canada

Consat, together with our partner Nova bus, has been delivering systems to PTAs within ATUQ since 2008.


Agency of  the Government of Ontario, Canada

Consat won the ITS joint procurement initiative in 2016.
So far, we have deployed our system to 16 different PTA in the province of Ontario.

Victoria Department of Transport, PTA

State of Victoria, Australia

Consat was one of the partners of VDOT’s COVID-19 response, deploying a turn-key solution in a matter of weeks to ensure that the passengers were kept up-to-date.

Boreal Transport, PTO

Nordic Countries

Boreal was our first project with a private Norwegian operator, dating back to 2013.
Since then, we have expanded our collaboration to include some of their ferries.

Vy Buss, PTO

Nordic Countries

Vy Buss is one of the largest PTO in Scandinavia. Consat and Vy have been deploying our Solution for more than 10 different projects since 2015.

Troms og Finnmark fylkestrafikk, PTA

Troms og Finnmark County, Norway

Consat has delivered a turn-key solution for one of the northernmost PTA in the world.

Volvo Bus Corporation, Vehicle Manufacturer

Gothenburg, Sweden

Consat is proud to have been one of Volvo’s partners since the 20th century.
Together, we have deployed systems all over the globe.